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0471B41F-D5D8-447D-B3CC-3F775F6A97EFCorona virus has changed the way we live and made a lot of people scared to even leave their home. In order for me to cope with Corona, I have to keep my life as normal as possible. Vacationing was a big part of my life prior to Corona and the beach is still my happy place. There is something about salty ocean water that makes my soul happy. I prioritize two things retiring and vacationing. This is my second get away during Corona and here are a few pointers for those of you who are thinking  about going on a Ronacation.D5CF7A60-216D-4846-8A5D-12C11E15060BRead The Airline Safety Practices-American Airlines pissed me off on my last trip with booking the plane to capacity. This time I flew Southwest and was pleased with their safety practices. Although,  we had to clean the seats ourselves, they were practicing social distancing by leaving a few empty rows and each row had an empty middle seat unless everyone was traveling together. Everyone on the plane wore a mask the entire flight unless they were eating or drinking. Overall it was a great experience.
2B5CE525-1334-4B1B-9D97-60AE12B43B66See Some Friends Along The Way-If you know me then you know this man. When someone close to you moves away it’s leaves a void that can’t be filled. I stopped by to see one of my besties and for a little while that void was filled. This visit definitely made me feel like I need to spend more time with the people I love who genuinely love me back.
B885BE3C-D2BE-4A13-BA83-7AB896F14EF4Road Trip It Along The Way-This time the destination was Kissimmee, Fl so the beach was not close. It was about a hour and thirty minutes each way and we took the trip 3 days of our 5 day stay. We had snacks, music and conversation to make it an enjoyable ride. This was also a great way to stay safe and give ourselves a break from the masks. We had some great visits to Clearwater and Cocoa Beach.
D50F61A8-8D0B-41C1-8EB7-D1C1B2FA9667Find A Hotel With Great Accomodations- We rented a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo at Silver Lakes Resort. The full service kitchen was a life saver on days where we didn’t want to go out to eat. Also, we were able to have breakfast daily and stock up all the goodies we needed to make us comfortable. The resort had several beautiful well maintained pools, a game room, theater, on site dining but of course we only used the pool and hot tub. Everyone was always respectful of each other space and stayed on their side of the pool. It was never crowded and I enjoyed it.
54CD4678-8792-4E2D-B67D-5FEA196071E6Have Fun- Relax, enjoy and have fun. Be spontaneous. Let your day dictate itself. You don’t have to plan every inch of your vacation. Take sometime to enjoy the moments. Be silly, take pictures, walk the beach and enjoy the day. After all, you are on vacation.26917F89-6233-40A1-838C-125D008E0409Most importantly, don’t let other people’s opinions keep you from doing the thing that makes you happy. If you want to travel, you can travel safely. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to follow #tonshaytheresa on Facebook and Instragram. Until next time.