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202C91B8-785B-4A69-A469-E9F1C962DEC9Corona virus (Covid-19) has changed the way we live and placed a new fear amongst most Americans when it comes to traveling. After 3 months of complete lockdown I needed to break away and do a  little traveling. A road trip was not an option due to me having vertigo so I had to make a decision and flying to Miami was the choice.img_1689Travel Safely To Your Destination-Don’t believe the airlines. At least not American after calling the Airlines to verify their safety practices I was  bamboozled. The only precautionary measures they practiced is giving you a bag which included water and a snack. The only other  safety measure was wearing a mask. The planes are overbooked and filled to capacity. Although they say they clean the planes,  a sweater was left in my seat; so bring  lysol wipes and wipe it down for your own peace of mind. If possible buy the entire row of seats.img_2344Understand The Hotels Safety Practices-I am a person that loves 5 star treatment. However, I was more worried about hotel cleanliness than anything else. I stayed at an newly open Hampton Inn. This hotel focus was definitely social distancing safety and cleanliness during this time. Due to how rapidly the virus was spreading in Florida housekeeping did not come in your room. Although, I love a good daily cleaned room, I understood the reasoning. The hotel did  provide lysol wipes, fresh towels and anything else I needed to make the stay great. The staff (Robert, Isreal and Olga definitely made sure I had a 5 star stay. They were very knowledgable about restaurants, private beach companies and anything additional I needed to enjoy my stay in Miami and still be safe.C54FA34E-CD99-489A-A404-B9C0A1B6783EFind Great Restaurants-All the restaurants practiced social distancing. We never sat close to anyone. The staff always wore mask and practiced social distancing as much as possible, I enjoyed the food. The food was always excellent and fresh. Our Uber Eats experience was even a great one. Most of the restaurants have touch-less menu that you access the menu using a QR code which was really cool.

img_2263Indulge In Private Beaches-Stay at a hotel that has their own private beach or rent a space from a private company. The private companies on the beach practiced social distancing. They spray the beach chairs down with disinfectant, cover them with clean towels and provided water. Even when all the chairs were filled with beach goers, everyone still respected each others space and practiced social distancing.

D9B70B69-D7F9-4899-A901-BACFD57EABF3Plan Safe Excursions- We wanted to take a trip to the Everglades. Our excursion came with a bus ride to the Everglades. It was a big air conditioned bus that was filled to about 1/3 capacity. We also rode on an airboat that had everyone spaced apart for equal balance and social distancing. Saw an alligator show which practiced social distancing and this was a great experience  where I felt really safe.1BAEB3B0-E0E0-4145-9E2B-4A838D63AEC1

Don’t Forget Your Mask- Always remember your mask. You cannot go inside anywhere without one. There were a lot of vendors selling these paper mask for $5.00 and you had to purchase it to come into their establishment. I personally like paper mask. They are easier to breathe through in extreme heat and  they are disposable so if they do get filled with germ you won’t be breathing them in for long.

6E80001A-C069-4D2F-9D9F-9E02D8D35160Have Fun- Remember you are still on vacation so have as much fun as possible. Enjoy your time away. Live, Laugh and Love. You will still have great vacation memories. Life is meant to be enjoyed so enjoy it.


I am TonShay Theresa and this is my experience traveling during Covid-19. Thanks for reading. please follow me, #tonshaytheresa, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  If you are enjoying what you are reading join my email list by enter your email address on the contact page. Stay safe my friends.

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