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81DEAE0D-C7C4-4E2F-BCD1-0647AF6FEE50I am a person that enjoys the outdoors and even remain active outdoors during Chicago’s cold and snowy winter season. Corona virus has changed life as we know and social distancing has become our new normal. Social distancing is making it hard for us to keep our daily routines.  Although life is changing, it is still important to find ways to maintain your happiness and sanity during this time. Here are 5 things to help you cope with being locked in.

1. Keep your daily routine as normal as possible- I still get up every morning and get ready for work as if I was going into the office. My coworkers loves to see your face on the camera  during virtual meetings so I’m ready with a fresh face look and simple clothes.
2. Practice your beauty regimens- I have been maintaining my own hair, so reached  out to my beautician to get product suggestions for my keratin treated hair. I have also been watching tutorials on make up tricks. My nails and toes are a different story. Luckily,  I have nice feet and hands so clear polish and little filing is working great.
3. Finish a home project- I have been wanting to de-clutter my jewelry box and make me a make up area for a while. I have completed those projects in addition to cleaning my clothing closet, shoe closet and created me a designated space to work out.
DAAD95A7-5A12-4EE8-ABDC-25BBF0D369224. Go for a walk- Don’t forget to practice social distancing. Staying at home all day everyday can make the walls feel like they are closing in. Get out for some fresh air. Stroll through your neighborhood. Let the sun hit your skin and enjoy the moment. If you are not comfortable with walking, go for a drive. It will definitely make you feel better and ease your anxiety.

24027109-599C-4C53-ABC4-DF40C85B43715. Have a virtual drink with your friends and family- I have been having virtual coffee and wine dates with my friends. It’s fun to keep in touch with those you love by seeing their smiling faces and staying connected. I am really missing those people that are part of my daily routine. These virtual dates helps me stay informed with what going on in everyone’s life.

014EE36B-FD41-4212-B6F8-4E2ACB399E08I would love to hear how  you are coping with the new shelter in place normal. I hope everyone is healthy and taking all the necessary precautions. Thank you to all the essential business worker for risking your health every day for us. Thanks for reading. Until next time. 💋#tonshaytheresa #covid19 #stayhomestaysafe #chicagoblogger #spring #positivevibesonly #stressfree #quarantinelife #socialdistancing