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Every year for black history month I like to attend a celebration honoring people of color. This year the event of choice was ACT Yoga’s 1st Annual Blackout also known as The Blackout. The Blackout was a cocktail dinner that celebrated  everyday people for their contributions to the community. It was hosted by Marshawn Feltus the owner and founder  of ACT Yoga and Willie Jackson. ACT Yoga’s 1st Annual Blackout had great food, intriguing guest and my favorite celebrating others. This was a charity event raising money for ACT Yoga’s Community Yoga Scholarships which allows individuals or family’s to receive free yoga classes for health and healing.


The Blackout was held in a private space on Chicago’s westside at a staple restaurant called MacArthurs which has been in the Austin area for several decades. The menu was chicken, fish, green bean & potatoes, mac & cheese and candied yams with your choice of water, soda or wine. The food was excellent and because I’m greedy; I had way more than I should have. Guess what y’all? They gave you to go boxes. I don’t know one person who does not like a good to go box. Free food was either  good advertising on MacArthurs part or a donation strategy of ACT Yoga‘s. Either way it was a win win. Thank you Mac Alexander and Staff for taking such excellent care of us.
The host Marshawn Feltus hand selected the guest. The guest list was very unique and a great mixture of professionals. I had the pleasure of speaking to Bridgett, a school teacher and yoga instructor,  who uses yoga as a stress reliever to  help her deal with the different personalities she encounters daily. Levesia , Latoya and Sandra who are part of ACT Yoga’s Walking Club. Crystal Bell and Ms. Chandler, the principal and staff at Ella Flagg Young Elementary School, They encourage our youth everyday. Pastor Maurice Gator (of Empowerment  Community Church), Ashley Miller and Marcus are all Marshawn’s close friends. Shirley Fields of Hunter Realty is one of ACT’s Yoga most generous supporters. The Uncle Michael Burke’s and The Sweetest Mom Ever Carolyn Wells. This group made you feel like you were old friends and welcomed you to celebrate ACT Yoga’s success.
Marshawn’s and Willie’s vision for this event was to celebrate the beauty, success and talent of everyday people. This year honorees were:

  • Shirley Fields
  • Michael Burks
  • Carolyn Wells

They wanted to honor people who have been supportive in driving ACT Yoga’s success.
AB3EF960-5A9A-42B3-84FD-A38A10EA16C7Act Yoga would like to thank those who supported this event through donations and sponsorships.  They would like to thank Aaron Williams (photographer)  and MacArthur Restaurant for their sponsorship, everyone who made a donation to this event and those who make donations regularly. For more information or to make a donation to ACT Yoga please contact Marshawn Feltus at 773-331-6633 or

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