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I have a lot of amazing single friends, men and women, who hardly ever go on dates. This is very surprising to me because I am the queen of first dates. I find myself meeting interesting people all the time. Although most time it is not a love connection, it does not discourage me from being out there. Enjoy the time spent finding the love of your life. Here are some tips you can use to get back out there and start dating again.

img_0179Dress for the day. When I get dressed in the morning, I am dressed for whatever may happen that day. If I get invited out, there is no need to reschedule because I am already prepared. When you look good, you feel good. If you are already dressed and feeling good, you are ready to say yes when that call comes to meet up for breakfast , lunch, brunch, drinks, coffee or dinner.

img_8892Always smile. I am a happy person so I smile all the time. I think having a positive expression naturally draws someone in. Who doesn’t like to surrounded by happy people. Smiling send positives vibes and you will definitely get some good vibes sent back your way.

img_7041-1Spark up a conversation. I talk to everyone, everywhere I go. If I am in a long line by the time it is my time to order, I have had a small conversation with everyone around me. We have laughed, joked and already enjoyed each other’s company. This takes everyone’s guard down, adds intrigue and makes a person want to learn more about you.

img_7037Go out alone. Everyone is not for walking up to groups of people and introducing themselves. Being alone can give a person the confidence they need to approach you with out intimidation or the input of others. Maybe that initial hello will be more than an hello if the seat next to you is unoccupied.

img_7038Introduce yourself. I like to know the name of the people I am conversing with so introducing myself opens the floor for them to introduce themselves as well. Normally, by the third or forth exchange of words, I know the name of every person that is included in the conversation. If you tell someone your name and don’t say anything back, they are probable someone you don’t want to waste your time with anyway.

img_9282Put yourself back out there. Get out if the house and have some fun. Happy Dating. I am TonShay Theresa. Thanks for reading. Until next time.