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One of the things I love about Chicago is even in the winter there is always something to do. The city hardly ever shuts down and other singles like me still enjoy a great night out in the winter. Although your summer fling did not turn into a winter romance it’s okay. There are single people everywhere out enjoying life so get out and enjoy it too. Here are some tips on not getting the Single Winter Blues.Continue to enjoy your favorite thing. I am an avid music lover especially when it’s live and summer music festivals are my favorite. I still get my joy of live music in the winter by going to concerts and bars with live music. It does not have the glamour of an outdoor festival but a nice intimate bar with great live music has its perks. You will definitely meet other singles and have great conversations or a great night. I will leave that up to you.Spent some time with family and friends. My family, friends and I always have a great time together. Whether we are having game night, enjoy a family meal or singing karaoke the night will be filled with fun, love and laughter. I have so much fun with my family and friends that being single doesn’t even cross my mind. Enjoy the company of those who know and love you.Escape the cold. I am a winter baby so I love the winter time. However, sometimes even I need to escape the cold weather. Plan a vacation alone or with some friends. There is non-thing a little sun and a cultural experience can’t fix. You will come back refreshed and ready to conquer everything. A good vacation always makes everything better.Even in the winter the sun still shines so go out and enjoy it. I am a native of Chicago but I love doing tourist activities. Every time I wonder aimlessly around the city, I find a new place to hang out or meet some awesome people. If you have never had a meal with a complete stranger in a crowded restaurant, try it. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the the season. There are a ton of winter themed parties. Go ahead and attend one with some friends or alone. It’s winter season and there is no reason to hibernate. The city still thrives in the winter. Smile, enjoy the moment, have a great time and kiss a stranger under the mistletoe. Tis the season the be jolly. You can’t be sad during the most wonderful time of the year.

Life is meant to be enjoyed so until you find that special someone go out and enjoy it. You will never find your soulmate hibernating. Live, laugh and enjoy your singleness. Thank you for reading. Until next time. 💋TonShay Theresa.