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APS International hosted a I Am Glad To Be A Woman Celebration. I was so glad to not only be invited but be a part of such a memorable event. The purpose of this celebration was for women to celebrate and inspire one another. It was definitely a love fest. There was food, shopping, networking, motivational stories and testimonials that made everyone cry, laugh, and love on each other. I left this event ready to continue on my life journey.

I was running a little late and the event started on time. I walked into women sitting around in a winners circle. The women were asked to wear a color with coincides with what they were currently conquering:

  • Red represented love
  • Pink represented motherhood
  • White/silver represented career
  • Purple represented life/survivor
  • There were woman who told there stories encouraging other women who were in similar circumstances. There were great stories of love and love lost. Emotional stories about losing a child or mother and having a child with a disability. Inspirational stories about this lovely up and down journey called entrepreneurship. Prevailing stories conquering illness or surviving tragedy’s. It was a healing process for those who had made it through. The celebration being private made it easy for us to be open and honest about our life past or current situation and not feel judged.
  • Toneal M. Jackson ( was a great hostess. She kept us on task but let the event evolve on its own into something amazing. I meet some great new lifetime friends. I left feeling very honored, encouraged and unapologetic.

    Thank you ladies for making me feel amazing and whole. I am TonShay Theresa and that was my experience at APS Books & More – I am Glad To Be A Woman Celebration. Stay informed and subscribe to TonShay Theresa The Experience Don’t forget to follow TonShay Theresa on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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