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My Pre-Valentines Day event kick-off started with a little a spoken word. This was a Blaq Ice Production hosted by the dynamic duo, husband and wife, Blaq Ice & Blaq Isis. The event was at Movie Studio Grill. The great thing about the venue was the service. At least for me, it was, my waiter was attentive and got me everything I needed (yeah me). Studio Movie Grill also has free parking which is becoming more extinct in my lovely city of Chicago. The big leather reclining chairs was an added plus. Enough about the venue, let’s get to this event.

There were 6 Poets and they we judged by the audience Apollo style; with applause👏🏾. Blaq Isis kept everyone entertained with music and laughter between each poetry act. Blaq Ice gave us a few poetic numbers and danced with the crowd keeping the energy level high. The first battle was between Big Sexii and Cory Robinson. They were the perfect pair to kick off this royal rumble. Bigsexii definitely did her thing, but Cory Robinson won this round with his Tale Of A Broken Heart titled What’s The Point. Which was my favorite of the night.

What’s The Point was the poem of a man who was deeply in love and she was his everything. As he is doing the best he could and sacrificing everything for her, guess what happens? She cheats😳. Although she has cheated and he dealing with the pain, he still has a desire to be with a Beautiful Black Queen. The Point of the poem was no matter the pain we endure we can love one another and love cannot happen if you don’t trust each other. Cory plays on words had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Yes, it was that intriguing and hard act to follow.

Round 2 was won by Madame Goddess with another awesome poem dealing with relationships issues as she defeated Lucky Strikes. Although, Ms. Divinitee, added a little flair to her poetry with a dancer, she was not victorious against Armen Rah. The men were triumphant over the ladies, but they were graceful winners.

All in all, every poet was exceptional and their wordplay was phenomenal. The event lasted about 2 hours. The atmosphere was cozy. It was definitely a fun night out. If a Blaq Ice production comes to your town I would definitely encourage you to attend.

I am TonShay Theresa and that was my experience at the Battle Of The Sexes poetry edition, a Blaq Ice Production.

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