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Everyone wants to host parties but very few people want to do all of the day of preparations. After the holidays I wanted to have a party and decided to find a place to do all the leg work. My place of choice was Luxe B Studio on Chicago’s south side. This was a great space to host my event. After one quick meeting to go over the details and pricing, I was as surprised as my guest when I saw the space again the day of my event. With that being said; lets get the the details of TonShay Theresa Family & Friends Paint & Sip and what my family and friends enjoy for a mere $50.So when I first saw the space it was a big open room but when I returned the day of the party the room had been transformed. It was decorated in pink, black and white. It was also separated into five sections. A section for hand massages by Polished Dolls, a section for a wine tasting provided by Crystals Wine & Real Estate, a section for us to eat, a section for us to paint and a photo booth corner.

We walked into the event and we were greeted by Polish Dolls. They went over their product which is not really made for your hands🤔and gave us some hand massages. The products were nice and smelled amazing. It left my eczema dry skin feeling moistured and you could barely see the eczema anymore.

Next we sampled and learned about vegan wine from Crystals Wine & Real Estate. We sampled their Cabernet Sauvignon which was very tasty. Especially since I am a lover of sweet wine. We sample another red and a white wine. All of them were delicious. We were educated on the wine fermentation process and the benefits of drinking vegan wine.

After the wine tasting it was time to eat. Our dinner experience consisted of a salad, pasta with a side of chicken, cupcakes and wine. The food was tasty and their was some great conversation around the table. There was assigned seating so everyone sat next to someone they knew which prevented acquired silence.

It was almost the new year, so the theme of our paint and sip was I am and you had to pick your own power word. Although the painting looks difficult, the painting instructor, Jai Kolanda, made it super easy and in the end everyone walked away with something amazing setting the perfect vibe for the New Year.

In addition to our beautiful painting there were 6 raffles which consisted of a coffee mug, polishes doll products, a free paint and sip class, and a target giftcard. Also, everyone walked away with a pink goodie bag. My bag contained some pink shades yeah me.

Thank you Luxe B studio for great time. Thank you to all the participants of the of my Paint & Sip, you ladies rock.

I am Tonshay Theresa and that was my Experience at Luxe B Studio. Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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