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It is such a great feeling to put your thoughts down on paper. This weekend one of my great friends gathered 8 women together to create Vision Boards. This is the ultimate end of the year experience if you are thinking of setting goals, wanting to understand your values, or are unsure about what you are getting from your daily life. It made us think, cry, wonder, heal, laugh, and let go by asking one simple question. What is your WHY? This was not the typical Vision Board Party it was done with a purpose and a facilitator. This was an experience that I will never forget.The party was thought out magnificently. A week before the party we received a homework assignment to help us prepare. The content made you think. It asked about your:

    core values
    what your life looks like
    daily pattern
    decision making
  • Yes, it really made you contemplate about your life and complete a self appraisal. By the end of that process, I realized my core values are spirituality, family, positive self image, honesty, good health and happiness. Everyone’s value system was different and this helped us prepare for the vision board process. This event left me inspired, blessed, humbled, and excited about my second chance in life.Its a week later and now it’s time for the Vision Board Party. This was an amazing group of ladies. Everyone came in, introduced themselves, ate, mixed and mingled. Black Is Love provided all the materials needed for our vision boards. Once our facilitator, Cheryl Katherine Wash, arrived; she played All I Do Is Win by DJ Khalid to get us hype. We danced around and everyone came to the middle of the floor and gave their destiny speech. Mines was, I am TonShay Theresa, international blogger and co-author in The Real Divas Win Anthology. I will get paid to travel to the world. Each lady said something different and this exercise really set the atmosphere and tone for the vision board party and process.The next exercise was a thinking exercise. A simple question, what is your why, was difficult for most of us to answer. What made this exercise so powerful was it was about you. No one else, only YOU. You could not talk about your kids, parents, or God it was all about you. This was hard for me because I am giver and love to see other people happy. But in the end I learned I wanted happiness, so that is why I desire it so much for others. Everyone went through this process. As we cried, laughed, and helped each other through, we understood each other and created a bond.
  • Okay, the emotional process is over. Now it time to get back to the fun. We got on the floor and worked on our boards. Everyone board was different and the creativy was flowing. You could see all the discussions and prep work going into the thought process when we were creating our vision boards. Some people were able to get this done quickly, for others like myself, it took a little time. In the end everyone created something uniquely different. We were inspired, motivated, and determined to create something amazing.
  • Thank you to Black Is Love for planning such an exceptional event. If you want to do a facilitated vision board party, Black Is Love Inc. can get it done. Thank you to our facilitator, Cheryl Katherine Wash, for doing an amazing job with the content, making us think and keeping us on task. Thank you Stacy Emerson for stopping by and answering our personal style questions and your participation. You truly educated me on figuring out Gods Purpose For My Life.Thanks Vernia Jefferson for the amazing job you did with the menu and drinks. Everything was delicious. The vegetarians appreciated having good food options. You are definitely my personal hostess with the mostest.
  • Thank you to everyone who participated at the vision board party. It was special because of all of you. Thank you for your honesty, sharing and helping each other through the process. It is hard to have people in your personal space and I appreciate all of you for keeping it uplifting and leaving all those positive vibes to linger on.
  • I am TonShay Theresa and that was my Black Is Love Vision Board Experience.
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