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A good Fairytale always ends with, “They Lived Happily Ever After.” The fairytale books always include a prince charming, a fairytale castle and ends with a perfect life. As little girls, we are constantly exposed to this dream of what the perfect life is supposed to be. You prepare yourself your entire life for prince charming. You finally meet him. He wines and dines you, treats you like a princess, and finally asks the big question. Will you marry me? Of course, you say yes and start planning the wedding of your dreams. After your dream wedding, you buy your dream home. Now it’s time to have some kids and live Happily Ever After.

The reality is not all women are going to have the Happily Ever After drafted up in Fairytales. If you are one of these women; what will life be like for you? If you don’t get the perfect man, perfect house, and perfect life; will you still be happy? Do you truly need the Fairytale? What if the life you have created for yourself becomes your Happily Ever After?

I met my first prince charming in high school. He was everything that prince charming was supposed to be. He was handsome, he was nice, he had money, and treated me like a princess. He truly spoiled me and there was nothing I could ask for that he would not do. Just like he was my prince charming, I later found out that he was prince charming to several other women too. I remember, one of the girls walking up to the car very hysterical. I had no idea what was happening and when I finally realized she was hysterical because he was dating her to, my heart was crushed.

He tried everything to get me back and finally figured out how. He won me back with the magic words, Will You Marry Me? As I think back I’m not sure what made me marry his lying cheating ass. Maybe, it was the game of winning. As I thought to myself, Ha Ha I won Bitches. The joke was on me. Marrying him was the first mistake of a long line of mistakes I would make pursuing my Fairytale and Happy Ever After.

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