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Today I needed a little girl time with one of my besties so we headed to the Ultimate Women’s Expo. What made this expo great was it catered to WOMEN. YES!! Lucky for us, we saw the free entry advertised on Instagram and this was definitely a treat for a FREE time. Who does not like free? I know I do. Expos always have great deals and products and you want to support everyone. I set a budget of how much I wanted to spend before I started my purchasing. When the money is gone, ITS GONE, no more buying for me.

I was the tardy bird this time by almost an hour. Sorry Renita, Chicago traffic at its worst. My awesome bestie was a great sport about it. I wanted a copy of Blessed Life by Kim Fields and she stood in the line for us to meet Kim and purchase her book. The book was a winning ticket item because it sold out prior to us making it to the beginning of the line. Kim Field was the Sweetest. After her book sold out, she continued to take pictures and converse with everyone until her line was empty. Don’t pay attention to the silly grin on my face. As we were taking the pic I was laughing because I could feel her dancing. The DJ must was playing her song, because as soon as we finished with this pic, she hit the dance floor. Way to go Kim.

Next up was Best Solution Professional Jewelry and Glass Polish. This stuff makes your jewelry look brand new. Adam cleaned my Alex and Ani jewelry, my friends wedding rings and another ladies Pandora bracelet. I was so impressed by my shiny new looking bracelets and brought a bottle. Especially since I’m allergic to just about everything and it did not irritate my skin.

Next up, I got my $5 bling from Diane Chambers an independent consultant for Paparazzi Jewelry. She had this amazing energy. I told her I love rings and she hooked me up. When you have a great attitude the customers will come. She acknowledged everyone who came by her table with a smile and lively hello. Whether you were shopping or browsing she was there to help you find whatever jewelry pieces you were seeking.

This next purchase pulled on my heart strings. This booth was for Tribal Crafts. Tribal Crafts are made in Swaziland Africa. All the items comes with a name tag of the woman who made the item. The proceeds from their sales help feed orphans and vulnerable children in rural communities in Africa . A picture of the woman who made your item is listed on their website so you know exactly who you are supporting. All the items were high quality and I walked away with a shopping bag and head wrap. My friend also brought some items. If you are looking for a place to give back, shop their web site for a great cause.

My last purchase was these funky wide-leg jeans from Anonymous Addiction. Summer was a doll and a great stylist. She knew my style just by looking at me. She was offering 15% to entice the buyers and she got me. I love a good deal. My jeans are very soft with gold buttons down the outer leg. They reminded me of my old favs, Levi’s button fly. But instead of your fly its the entire outer leg. I can already picture how I’m going to rock these jeans in my head. I can’t wait to wear them.

There were tons and tons of vendors, a fashion shows and even a free paint class. Ultimate Women’s Expo we really enjoyed ourselves. I got to spend some time with my bestie and do one of my favorite things SHOP. There were a lot of amazing vendors and I wish I could have featured everyone.

The next time there an Expo in your town give it a try. I am TonShay Theresa and that’s was my Ultimate Women’s Expo Experience.

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