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Black is Love decided to celebrate one of their owners Sharnette Katherine-Keith birthday on a Tuesday night. When I get an invite for a weekday event normally I’m not excited. Sometimes after a long day at work or dealing with children the last thing you want to do is go out. I thought it would be a dinner because what else is there to do on a Tuesday night and boy was I wrong. The invite was for The M Lounge and I have a whole new respect for a Tuesday night out.

The M Lounge is in Chicago’s South Loop area. Our group met there at 8:00pm and I was the first person to arrive. I arrived right as the house band of the night,The Kickback, was finishing their first set. One of the things I loved was walking in the door being able to see everyone and everything. If the rest of my party would have been there, this would have made it easy for me to find them. The bar menu was filled with the known favorites, specialty drinks, non-alcoholic beverages and a few coffee options. The staff was friendly and did their best to accommodate everyone. The owner, Reginald Marsh, was there making sure everyone felt at home. There was an array of people. Some dressed for a night out on the town, many still in their work attire, and others dressed for a casual night out. Everyone was friendly and a nice gentleman even gave me his seat at the bar.

The M Lounge has first come first serve seating and it looked like a couple of the regulars had claimed their normal spots. So, if you are going as a group and would like to sit together GET THERE EARLY. I sat at the bar ordered a Lemon Drop Martini and waited for the rest of my party to arrive. The crowd was filled with people on dates, ladies or guys night out, small celebrations, an after-work crowd and few people enjoying a night out alone. While I was waiting, I meet several people and realized this is a great place for networking. By the time I finished my first drink, the Birthday Girl had arrived, and The Kickback was ready to start their second set.

The seating got kind of tricky because we were not there early enough to claim a space, but the patrons were nice and shared their already claimed spaces with us. We were a little scattered. There were a couple of us sitting close to the stage, I kept my seat at the bar, and some of our group just stood in an open area. The Kickback began to play, and acoustics were great with perfect volume. This made it easy for us to converse, mingle and take pics without yelling or interrupting anyone’s else’s night.

The Kickback was an awesome band. They jazzed up some of our favorite tunes. The band does not have a singer and I don’t think anyone noticed. No lead singer gave the audience the opportunity to tap into our own inner Jazz Superstar from our seat of course. The band was excellent and even played a jazzed-up rendition of Stevie Wonders Happy Birthday to help us celebrate the beautiful Sharnette Katherine Keith.

This evening has changed my mind about attending an evening event on a Tuesday night. The atmosphere was so laid back that I did not feel tired the next day. Another plus was being home and in bed by 11:00pm. If you are looking for something to do on a Tuesday night check out the live jazz at the M Lounge. Thank you, Black is Love for another great event.

I am TonShay Theresa and that was my Black Is Love at The M Lounge Experience. Thank you for reading. Until Next Time.

TonShay Theresa

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