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I am Tonshay Theresa. I love traveling, blogging, and living my best life.

Most recent trips…

Just a few places I have visited, Greece, Mexico, Costa Rica, Croatia, Switzerland, Jamaica and so many more…….

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Plan The Perfect Ronacation

Corona virus has changed the way we live and made a lot of people scared to even leave their home. In order for me to cope with Corona, I have to keep my life as normal as possible. Vacationing was a big part of my life prior to Corona and the beach is still my happy...

Vacationing During Corona

Corona virus (Covid-19) has changed the way we live and placed a new fear amongst most Americans when it comes to traveling. After 3 months of complete lockdown I needed to break away and do a  little traveling. A road trip was not an option due to me having vertigo...

Stay Connected and Sane During Social Distancing

I am a person that enjoys the outdoors and even remain active outdoors during Chicago’s cold and snowy winter season. Corona virus has changed life as we know and social distancing has become our new normal. Social distancing is making it hard for us to keep our daily...

“I got a chance to sneak away from work! Tonshay Theresa Sip + Paint Event was positive and fun, I loved the experience!”

Nadia Wilkins